The moment search gets down to business


Ah Ha is a B2B search engine. It connects users to businesses, news, and professional education across twenty industries and over four hundred professional and trade associations.

Ah Ha is about relevancy and speed. AhHa delivers precisely targeted, hyper-relevant search results. This enables business users to find companies, news and learning which are keenly tied to their search. Users can filter their search results even further by industry, association affiliation, and geography to arrive at a result set that’s so targeted as to be personalized. Users can spend less time searching because they are spared the avalanche of irrelevant results delivered by a mass market search engine.


Ah Ha is published by MultiView, the leading B2B digital media company in the association world. For over a decade MultiView has demonstrated the vibrancy possible in vertical market search, news, and education delivery. AhHa is the latest example of their capacity to innovate in the B2B digital publishing sector.

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